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As the Business Manager of a large and growing dental practice we are inundated on a daily basis with new product information and trials. We must be extremely particular in what we decide to use for ourselves and for our patients, as the vast majority of new products available do not meet our standards. We have found that Fresh Kiss antibacterial mouthwash not only meets the needs of our clients in offering a high quality, very beneficial product, but as a bonus our patients love the taste and are therefore more compliant in using this great product on a daily basis.

Joanna Peitler, Victoria, BC

I am a Registered Dental Hygienist who started using “Fresh Kiss” Mouth rinse in the summer of 2008 on the recommendation of owner of Synergy Organics. With it having antibacterial ingredients backed by the Canadian Dental Association for control of plaque and gingivitis, it being all natural and organic, as well as backed by clinical trials, I was totally on board. One thing that really stood out for me, as I do a good job of plaque control anyway, is that I noticed after a few months of regular rinsing, that my morning mouth odour was gone! That impressed me. How lovely to wake up to no more “MORNING BREATH”! Another affective result of continual use, I noticed, is the reduction of tartar build-up, especially on the insides of my lower front teeth. Less to be cleaned off down the road. Better gums too! My gums and over all oral health feel great thanks to regular use of Fresh Kiss! As a Dental Hygienist, I can truly vouch for this product!

Lynn Vantreight, R.D.H. Victoria, BC

Since I started using Fresh Kiss I can feel the improvement in my gums…and my hygienist has confirmed it. I did my own “scientific” test and did not floss for three months; just used the rinse as directed, twice a week and my pockets were reduced. I love that it’s an all-natural product…not only does the citrus blend taste & smell great, it doesn’t leave that stinging, chemical feeling in my mouth like some of the off-the-shelf rinses. An added plus, since I’m an avid recycler, I’m happy the bottles are recyclable glass, not plastic. Works for me and the environment!

Heather Freeman, Victoria, BC

Fresh Kiss is my favourite mouth wash. I first learned about the product from my dentist. I love that the ingredients are all natural, and have been scientifically tested and approved as an effective antibacterial protection. Fresh Kiss reduces plaque, helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease, doesn’t burn like other mouth rinses, plus leaves your breath fresh – what more can I ask for in a mouth wash. This product is superior to any other product on the market – the results people are getting are proof.

Erika Larsson, Victoria, BC

Our dental office has been very pleased with the all-natural antibacterial rinses by Synergy Organics. We have seen some extraordinary improvement in our client’s gum tissue health. They appear to have a soothing analgesic effect as well. Our client’s comment on the great taste, and that they can ‘feel the rinses working’.

Dr. Michael King-Brown Dentist, Victoria, BC

My Mom started using Fresh Kiss when she had sore, bleeding gums and bad mouth odour around her bridgework. In less than a week her gums stopped hurting, and the odour was gone. Her Dentist, Dr Komm, in Edmonton was very impressed with the improved health of her gums, and advised her to continue with the mouth rinse.

It made a big difference for my poor little girl when she had foot and mouth disease too! Eased the pain very quickly.

Shauna Borwick, Victoria, BC

I have had difficulty in the past with bleeding of the gums as well as considerable gingivitis. Since adding Fresh Kiss into my daily cleaning routine, I am thrilled to see a considerably difference. I use the Fresh Kiss in the morning to wake me up and the Sexy Mouth before bed – the Lavender calms me.

Sandy Walker, Victoria, BC

Fresh Kiss and Sexy Mouth have natural bactericidal properties and are alcohol free so no nasty burn. They taste great, and all the packaging is recyclable. I am sure this product is on the cutting edge of a new era in fighting gingivitis and periodontitis in an all natural way. I would not hesitate to promote these products to my patients in the future.

Theresa Blundell, RDH, Victoria, BC

Since my 2 ½ year old son has been able to rinse and spit, I’ve been letting him use the Fresh Kiss. He just loves it and it is the highlight of his teeth brushing ritual. Plus, he no longer has bad breath when he breathes on me in the middle of the night…or the morning! That is great stuff.

Thuy Nevado, Victoria, BC

I bit my cheek the other day….after using Fresh Kiss Mouthwash just once I felt immediate relief and healing was speedy – gone in 2 days, it usually takes about 10.

Cathie Dobbyn, Victoria, BC

I have been using Fresh Kiss since it was first developed and am happy with the fact that my quarterly tooth cleanings are now much easier for myself and my hygienist-much less plaque and no gum problems.

Frances Gooday, Victoria, BC

I was getting constant infections when my wisdom teeth were coming in, and had to take antibiotics to get rid of them. I decided to try an antibacterial mouthwash – Sexy Mouth – I love the taste and use it almost every day, and the infection never returned.

Xela Holmes, Victoria, BC

I had very deep gum pockets remaining following surgical extraction of my wisdom teeth. My oral surgeon did not think I would not be able to keep the area clean enough to prevent infection and that would cause me to lose two adjacent tooth. I was very upset with this prognosis. I alternated the use of the Synergy Organics citrus and lavender rinses and over the past year my gums have improved to near normal levels. My oral surgeon and dental hygienist are very pleased with the results.

Anna Thomson, Victoria, BC

I usually start flossing two weeks before my dental check-up and cleaning, this time I forgot until I got the reminder call the day before. Fortunately I had been rinsing with Fresh Kiss mouthwash twice a day for about two weeks. I was afraid of the lecture I was going to get, but the Hygienist actually commented a number of times on how healthy my gums looked. Then the Dentist came in he also said that everything looked very good. This is a first for me. It must have been the mouthwash that made the difference.

Laurie Dunne, Regina, Sask

I had a tooth extracted, and my mouth was starting to hurt a little. I really think the citrus mouthwash did the trick. Amazing really. My gums were hurting a bit where the missing tooth was, I still have some roots inside and I think chewing on it added to the pain. But I used it every day for a week and the pain subsided immediately, feels great now.

Steven Vigar, Taipei

“So, I went to the dentist the other day. I didn’t mention that I was using the (Synergy Organics) mouthwash cuz I just wanted to see if they could see anything different than usual. They did. Instead of the usual “I’ll teach you how to floss properly.” The hygienist said, “Obviously you are a flosser.” and “your (gum) tissue looks great.” Those are words I’ve NEVER heard while getting a cleaning. The dentist also commented on how healthy my mouth was and was surprised to see that it was so good considering I hadn’t been to see him in ……….Four Years!! I’m a believer in these products!”

Catherine M. Regina, Sask

I love Fresh Kiss mouthwash! I have been using it twice a day with the sulca brush and my gums are bleeding less each day. Thank you so much for this amazing product.

Shannon H, Victoria, BC

Mary created this line to deal with all the oral issues she was seeing everyday in her practice. A healthy mouth is the first start to being healthy over all.

This product is wonderful! Tastes great and works better than any mouth wash you will ever try. It goes way beyond breath freshening.

Sarah Staniforth,VP Sales and Marketing Ecoideas Western Division

Synergy saved my teeth. I was told in 2008 that I would be wearing full dentures by the time I was 40 due to a combination of genetics and lack of proper and consistent dental care. When I first started seeing Mary she convinced me to try the synergy mouth wash as a way of restoring the natural balance of bacteria in my system. The hope at the time was that it would reduce the rate of bone decay along the jaw line and prolong the amount of time my teeth would remain in my mouth and not in a jar. I have been using the mouthwash for 4 years now have seen amazing results. My bone decay has stopped completely now and my gum regeneration has been amazing. In some cases the depth of the pockets has been reduced by 50% or more. Today may teeth are healthy and strong, and I no longer have the same sensitivity I used to have when chewing hard foods. A best of all there is no more talk about requiring dentures at some point in my future. Thank You Synergy Organics!

Olaf M. Victoria, B.C.

Woohoo! I’ve just come back from my dental appointment. He says my gums haven’t looked this good in years. I’ve been following the recommended daily regimen of brushing, flossing and using Periosmart mouthwash. How’s that for an endorsement!”

“P.S. I’ll continue the regimen faithfully because the dentist in question is my husband. He retires tomorrow.”

Marie B. Ontario

I do not consider Synergy Organics products to be merely a mouthwash. They are a therapeutic oral treatment in both prevention and reversal of gum disease, and has proven very valuable in accelerating tissue healing following dental surgery

Dr. F. Van Gyn, Victoria, B.C.

You have no idea how much this product (Sexy Mouth) has changed my life. It’s the only product that I have used in my mouth, including chlorhexidine, that has made a significant difference in the health of my tissues

Evelyn Vesper RDH, Victoria BC

Recently my dentist (Academy Dental) in Victoria gave me a small sample of your mouthwash Sexy Mouth. I tried it and like it a lot I currently use the Citrus mouthwash (Fresh Kiss) and love it as well but the Natural Lavender Blend is the one for me! I am hoping you can tell me where I can purchase it in Shawnigan Lake but go into Langford everyday. Your product makes other mouthwashes pretty lame!

Paul Audette and Dorothy Bodnar